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Sunday, December 30, 2012

FACT CHECK: Enemy Scouting Report vs. NY Giants

Now, THAT was the Ravens we know and love.  From the first moment of play, we showed 'em who's boss. How did the Enemy Scouting Report fare for the best played game of the season?  Let's find out.

1.) The Giants make corrections from game-to-game, but not so much IN-game.
Sure enough, there was no big change after halftime.  Big yardage plays were given up in both halves.  Ravens defense was stiff in both halves.  Questionable decisions by the refs took 8 points off the board, causing FGs instead of TDs, but that was the only defense the Giants showed.

2.) The Giants showed considerable weaknesses in rushes between-the-tackles.
Bernard Pierce had the longest run of the Ravens season OR the Giants season in the 4th quarter.  Both RBs had 100 yards.  'Nuff said.   PLUS 8 pts. 

3.) Attack the edges with Rice counter action at the outset.
Coach Caldwell must have ascertained that the weakness in the middle was not schematic, it was personnel.  We never had to take this step.

4.) Attack the defense with reverses.
The Giants did sell out on trying to stop the middle runs, and a reverse might have worked, but we did not try one.  We tried to capitalize on this concept with a bootleg from Joe on a 3rd-and-goal situation, but it was to clunky to work.  
MINUS 4/8 Pts.

5.) The Giants don't defend the FB flat valve well.
Not just from the FB.  Flacco distributed the ball to the short flats well all game.  He had a variety of targets. This proved true.

6.) Boldin should destroy the nickel worse than Harry Douglas did.
Definitely, Q killed 'em.  He was our leading receivers and made that rookie nickel look horrid.  PLUS

7.)Yes, the Manning brothers consulted--I would with my brother, and sleep well afterwards--but we can do some consulting of our own.
You tell me: the way we targeted the corner Webster, do you think we got a tip?  I do.  I really, really do.

8.)  We stopped a tougher pass rush last week. 
...And we stopped these guys too.  Stonewalled them, in fact.  Awesome stuff!
PLUS 8 pts.

9.)  Protect!  The!  Ball!.......JOE!!!
This was the Joe Flacco that we know and love.  He was confident in the game plan.  He was precise and surgical.  He was purposeful.  Excellent job #5!
PLUS 8 pts.

10.) Outsmart them in our use of Rice.
I would say that Rice's first TD reception of the season proves that we did outsmart them.  He had a great game.  6 receptions on top of his 100-plus yards on the ground.  We centered on him and got him space.
PLUS 8 pts.

11.) Don't believe the media hype!!  NO TEAM IN NFL HISTORY has ever had a 30-point shutout loss this late in the season and gone on to win the Super Bowl.  EVER!!

The Giants are done.  Where is the parrot media hype now?!  Remember that before the game, everyone was saying how the Giants would be "hoppin' mad" for the loss at ATL.  Ummmmmmm....NO!!

12.)  Eli Manning hates noise.  Give him all he can handle.
Great job Ravens Nation.

GRADE: 124%

Remember, I'm wide open for discussion on this eval.  Either here or in the Sun forum.