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Saturday, December 22, 2012

FACT CHECK: Enemy Scouting Report vs. Broncos

A lot of things went wrong last week vs. the Broncos.  Did my observations?  Let's grade:

1.)  Peyton likes to go deep early in hostile road games.  First play: deep pass attempt.  Plus 8.

2.) The Broncos are struggling in the red zone on the road. We stopped them two out of four times.   Minus 4 out of 8 pts.

3.) Play to take away deep passes and do not respect the run.  It seems that we were focused on the pass, but we did not try to take away the deep pass, rather we gambled on them and got beat badly.  Knowshon had a good game, but I don't think it would have been enough without the deep balls they got.

4.)BALTIMORE HAS THE TOP RED ZONE DEFENSE IN THE NFL!  We were 50% in the redzone, and held them to a couple of FGs instead of TDs.  We needed to be better.  Minus 4 out of 8 pts.

5.) Blitz Denver when they are in the single setback formation, and disregard the play-action.
Denver played true to form out of the single setback.  They did try some stretch plays; it seems the blitzes would have worked.

6.) Ravens' secondary is more athletic than Denver's receivers. So jam them at the line. We did jam the receivers and saw some success in this strategy.

7.) Peyton likes to attack good defenses by utilizing a least expected weapon.  Manning decided to go to his second leading receiver a lot, Decker.  He was not least expected.  Minus 8 pts.

8.) Peyton has demonstrated a loss of deep arm strength. Peyton went deep a number of times, but we did not bait him.  We did square up at the line with the receivers, but we got beat downfield and he delivered.  The plan was to bait him.  Minus 4 out of 8 pts.

9.) Denver is soft.  Their pass rush did not kill us at all.  We killed ourselves.  The only roughneck out there was Decker the WR, who had his way with our DBs.

10.) Don't employ the no-huddle offense except for 2-minute situations.  This was working early on, but we got so far behind that it was rendered moot.

11.) Bring back crossing patterns and the short passing game.  We did not do this.  It seems that it would have worked.

12.) No dumb penalties.  We got two needless 15-yard personal fouls.

13.) Ravens Nation needs to be worthy of a 7-nation army.  We were in it early.  Peyton didn't get rid of the fans, a 98-yard interception for TD did, which was our fault.

GRADE: 88%.