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Saturday, January 12, 2013

FACT CHECK: Wildcard Weekend

What a game!

We were part of history.  Not just humdrum, run-of-the-mill history, but wtinessing the final home game of the greatest defensive player in NFL history.  Did you almost fall off the recliner when Lewis bobbled that interception?  I did.  That was a fun game to watch.

Well, it's time to revisit my WildCard edition of Enemy Scouting Report.  I'll grade myself, as usual, but your feedback is more than welcome either here or in the forum.

1.) Andrew Luck is nothing short of interception prone.  We saw this, didn't we? There was the interception that sealed the game that he threw to Cary Williams off of a ricochet--by the way, no way does Williams not return that for a touchdown if he had just 'set (Luck) up,' or juked him.  Heck, he could've just kept sprinting.  Watch the replay, he was moving much more fast than Luck.

 Ray Lewis gave him the business on the sideline, about not making it!

2.) Luck doesn't pump fake, but he is disciplined at looking off coverages.
Again, I didn't notice any pump fakes at all.  Not his offenses genre.  We did a good job of staying with the wideouts.

3.) Luck definitely, absolutely struggles with throwing late passes under heavy pressure.
He did again.  It created at least one interception opportunity, the one which Ed Reed almost had while diving.  This is something to correct in his game.  PLUS 7 pts.

4.)  Luck is more mobile than publicized.
His runs were the most hurtful part of his game on Sunday.

5.) Luck is a system QB, not a dissector like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.
Check.  He did not dissect.

6.) Indianapolis pulled out wins vs. losing teams because they are better coached, but they generally got trounced by good teams.
...And, may I say that it happened again in this game.  Indy has a good future, though.

7.) The rushing game is very inconsistent and takes a large amount of negative gain plays.
We didn't hold this to be true.  They were able to see a little more success than normal.  MINUS 10.

8.) The Indianapolis offense is simplified and a test in gap integrity.
True.  This is how they saw a bit of success running the ball.

9.) Out of the Double TE set, Luck will look to throw a tonnage of screens, including a quick pass to the WR if the Safety is irrelevant (back and within the hashmarks) and there is 1-on-1 coverage to the WIDE side of the field. 
His screen attempts were limited, but I did notice him do this exact thing once.  We covered this possibility well.  Think someone's reading the ole' 4th and 29 blog?!?  Naaaah.  PLUS 7 pts.

10.) The Indy o-line is not strong at all.
Our success rushing the passer and holding the run to moderation proved this to be true.

11.) Luck's favorite target is Reggie Wayne, and then TE Anthony Hill #83.
Held true again.  This team did not at all change what they do.  The Ravens gameplanned it very well.

12.) Pagano will try and pressure Flacco, but Indy simply doesn't have enough talent on the back end to stop us.
I did think the defensive gameplan would be more aggressive with blitzing.  They were not.  Anquan Boldin did demonstrate that they have secondary issues.  Safety Tom Zbikowski, a former fave Raven of mine, showed rust and got juked very badly in the open field on Rice's 47-yard reception.  And that wasn't the only time.  He also did not help out on Boldin's TD reception like what was needed.  Sorry, Tom.  PLUS 3.5

13.) Do not allow Indy to goad us into personal fouls.
BUZZZZ!  Thanks for trying!  Pollard's foray into the Indy bench was something I saw before the penalty, asked my Raven brothers to rewind the DVR to confirm, and then back in real time watched the penalty thrown on this.  We have got to do better, although having a chumpcheese coach-type call you a bad curse is hard to ignore.

14.) PLAY FOR RAY!!!
Ya think?!  Awesomely done.

GRADE: 102%