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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Super Breakdowns: The BOMB Heard 'Round the League

In today's Super Breakdown, we take a look at the 56-yard TD pass from Joe Flacco to Jacoby "JAM" Jones from Super Bowl XLVII.  How did Jones get so wide?  Why did Flacco underthrow him?  How did Flacco's motion set the play up?  Check out the film study after the jump!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Super Breakdowns: Flacco to Q = Huge

In the second of the Super Breakdown series, I look at and diagram with the coaches film from two different angles of Joe Flacco's 3rd down completion to Anquan Boldin in the 4th quarter.  What did Joe see?  Was this his only option?  Answers after the jump!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Breakdowns: 109 Jones' House

Welcome to the Championship Era of Ravens football.

4th and 29 will kick it off with Super Breakdowns, a series of diagrammed looks at the key plays of Super Bowl XLVII.  The first one is Jacoby Jones' 109 -- yes, I said 109 -- yard kickoff return TD  to blow the game open.  The video is after the jump.  Enjoy and leave any comments below!

The Ravens are Super.

Can you beleive it?!?!

It was all Destined to be.  The namesake of this blog, the reason we started it at all, was because of a belief in this outcome.  And now it's here.

Ravens Nation, sit back, kick your feet up, and breathe a deep sigh.  We did it!!

So many things were right:
--For Ray.
--28 to 6 proves that a blowout was happening.
--Flacco has arrived in grand fashion.
--Shutting the piehole of all the naysayers who doubted us to the very end.
--Goal-line stand.
--Coach Harbs had many great calls and assists to his coordinators.  Many.
--Reed, Sizzle, Haloti get their ring.
--A generation of young players get the understanding of what it takes to win it all.

Not to worry, there is much to do in this offseason here at 4th and 29.  The first series will be called the Super Breakdown series, where I will diagram plays using a HD image projected onto a smartboard.  So tune in.  And feel free to shoot me suggestions either below, in the Baltimore Sun forum, or on the Baltimore Ravens website forum.

WE ARE NFL CHAMPIONS!!!!  Make sure you enjoy this time.  It's OUR time.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Thoughts

WOW.  Just, wow.

In less than 12 hours, we'll be well on our way.

The blog hasn't gone the way I would have envisioned, because family and responsibilities have come first.  For that you have my apology.

I had even done hours of prep in order to complete the Enemy Scouting for the AFC Championship.  I had watched every offensive snap from two different angles of coaches film for all of the Patriots home games in the 2nd half of the season, the playoff game vs. Houston, and their two games against us, previous.  I had identified my strategies and isolated my points.  In the end, I had to choose other responsibilities over this one.  I have a Calling, and it must come first.  Young minds depend on me.

The game was greatly enjoyable, obviously, and the Ravens did well in the areas that I had observed.  In fact, they did better than my observations, because that offense is very hard to decipher.  Did you know that Ed Reed called that 4th down direct snap play?  He read it before it ever happened.  Note: I NEVER saw them run that play, in all my research!

And now, this.  The XXLVII.  I hope you have fared better than I with being able to immerse yourself in the media week offerings.  I've had to play catch-up.  When your team is in that setting, you really want to capture it all and soak it in, but time disallows that for we who provide for our families.

So, I didn't even try to do my research on this side of the Game.  I was going to get all of Kaepernick's plays, and then also go back to when we played them last year.  Instead, I have just tried to stay in tune to our men, our guys, and their experiences as narrated by THEM, on this ride.

What I will say, is that 4th and 29 will not go away after this.  There is a plethora of topics and subjects that we can illustratively cover, post-Championship.  Yes, I meant to say that.

So focus in, Ravens Nation.  Let's collectively root our boys to victory tonight.

After all, the Spirit behind 4th and 29 is what got us here.  Remember?  It is laid out in the first post.  and the name.  No weapon, indeed.

And by the way--I don't think it will be close.

Because Kaepernick cannot beat us.  At all.