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Friday, November 7, 2014

FRAME BY FRAME: Tip Drills in Pitt

After an excruciating loss, perhaps the one thing that makes the collective lives of RavensNation miserable is answering the casual skimmer of sports news who only has seen the final score.  We all know that this game was very winnable for the Ravens, who had total control of the game early, and we left a lot of opportunities on the cold turf of Heinz.

I noticed, in the realtime watching of the game, the amount of pop-up balls that were there for the taking for the Ravens defense.  Throughout the game, not just in the early going, Rothlisberger passes were bouncing off receivers and into the air--only to fall unfettered to the ground.  I began to wonder if we would benefit from tip drills in practice, because the players didn't seem to be anticipating these balls and were slow to react.  I have pulled out frames from each of these 7--yes, seven--instances.  Can you imagine what the result would have been had we intercepted Rothlisberger all of these times?  Let's take a look at the opportunities.