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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Anyone who beats the Ravens can win the Super Bowl."

....What little Coach Harbaugh might have known about the utter veracity of this statement, especially in his regime.

The Ravens ONLY have lost to the eventual AFC Championship winner in every, single, trip to the postseason that they have forged in the Harbaugh era; and even before that (2006).

Previously, the Ravens had two appearances that resulted in losses to non-playoff advancing teams.

And of course, there are the two Champion Ravens team that embodied the AFC, and Super Bowl, champions.

This graph shows it all (click to enlarge):

It's simple: the road to the AFC Championship ALWAYS goes through Baltimore.  Now, the Ravens should make two adjustments to this chart for future entries: 1)Get the games to Baltimore.  2) BE the AFC Champion in more of these.

I believe we're headed there.