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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Carli for Kicker! NFL style.

I have never been of the feminist ilk.  I am way traditional, for a reason.  I value highly the form of a woman, the essence of a woman, the power of a woman.  I just have different things to focus on in my life than the latest promotion of gender.

But I am a patriot.  I love my country so.  And the US Women's Soccer team got me going.  What a great experience, what a great run.  Even having the homefield advantage of sorts was awesome.

In light of it all, the most compelling performance for me, save my 6 fellow Tar Heels on the team, was  Carli Lloyd's 50-yard goal.  Was that awesome?!?!  Was that a victory lap or what?!!  I immediately began thinking, THIS is the female who deserves a shot at being the first in the NFL.  As a kicker.  Carli might be bored by it, but she would totally fit the bill.  She has the verve and the moxie.  And the LEG.  Check it out:

I'm telling you, the NFL should totally go after here right now. Offer her a futures contract.  Do something. She seems to love the game of soccer so much, she would surely turn it down.  It would be a great bit of positive publicity for the league to approach her.

Our Ravens are set for a good while at kicker, sadly (but happily!); I would still cheer for her.

She has earned it.