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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving Thought

Happy Thanksgiving.

As I have gone out running the annual-but-varying holiday errands in prep of the big meal, I've noticed something: people are now being trained, on their jobs, to not say Happy Thanksgiving.  The "T" word has been thrown in the politically incorrect bin along with Merry Christmas, God Bless America, and "Hi, I'm a defensive-back headhunter."

Insert a 3D-movie-extracted Charlie Brown SIGH here.

I guess the notion that explorers, wanting religious freedom, settled and started to modernize part of the world, is somehow patently offensive to Y2k10 sensibilities. What I see was simple settlement by settlement "rules."  Fair and square.  And, hey, I'm a Black American, so my ancestors' history of slavery around those times doesn't seem to nod favorably on Thanksgiving tradition either, does it?

This is going to get to football, I promise.

I just want to point something out.

Not everything that begins terribly and horribly, ends that way.

Let's take slavery, for instance.  A race of people went from not being considered fully human and not having freedom, to not only having freedom, but leading culture in certain areas, leading a civil rights movement that changed the world, producing  a President that is the leader of the free world, and another Presidential candidate who could very well do the same thing.

Now, pare this way down on the scale of importance, and you could speak similarly about a football season.  One that has started with every type of controversy conceivable, pretty much--#PhantomCalls and uncharacteristic losses and a mystery injury to a strategic cornerstone (Perriman)--does not have to end in bitter defeat.

I believe it will not.

So, today, I reflect not only on being Thankful for my Country, for my Family, for my Life.

I am Thankful for my team.  And for this season.

I've enjoyed it, truth be told.  This fight is a good one.  I love Harbaugh's unwillingness to concede.  And why should we? We're still in the fight.

So from my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving, God Bless you, and God Bless America.  And the World.

I am a headhunting blogger.  :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

37 FMM

After our win this past Sunday, for a little while I was feeling good for getting a second 'W' in a row.

Wait a minute.

True story.

So, all these things continue to not go our way.  Flacco is gone.  Forsett is gone.  The refs are staying.  A post that I read on the Sun forum simply said, "What now?"  That sums it up.

But you can trust me to look for the silver lining, the positive side, the patch of blue sky.

Ladies and Gents, I present to you, Buck Allen.

The rookie stepped in seamlessly on Sunday.  He did very well and appeared to be a juke or towel snag away from another 50 yarder.

And I noticed something: he consistently makes the first man miss in open space.  It's fun to watch and I invite you to notice next Monday night.  He's really good at it.  This talent of his has inspired a positive video from me.  Because RavensNation has so little positivism right now.  I simply say to the doldrums, we are not mathematically eliminated yet, and we are still fighting.  Proof: holding Todd Gurley III to under three yards per carry.  A defeated team would not have done that.

Enjoy this visual, and tune in to 37 FMM.  It should be a great listen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NO, Snap!! The Play That Wasn't

Coach Harbaugh was right. Again.

At the end of the Jacksonville game this past Sunday, there was a play that both defined this season thus far, was fully illegal, and fully un-flagged--just like the myriad of other #PhantomCalls from this season.

"The Facemask of Doom" was the play, but a close look before number 58's erred grab reveals that the play should have been whistled dead, Jacksonville penalized, and the game ended.

Hit the jump to see video proof of yet another goof--by the referees.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Everyone has written the Raven's receiving corps off because of the end of #89's season.  

Let's just pack it up, right?

TOO FAST MY FRIEND.  Pun intended.

I am actually excited about the receivers we have now.  We have some big-play type guys on the roster. All they need is a chance.  Chris Givens has been flashing his promise in the little chances that he has been given.  Kamar Aiken has a great amount of energy and motivation to be great, having been mentored by the great.  And now, the Ravens have signed Joe Morgan from the Saints.

Take a look at just one of the big plays this gamebreaker has made a career of.  Of course I've seen big plays before,  But the consistency of these guys, over the course of careers, along with their underdog status, bodes extremely well, in my opinion.

The video breakdown is after the jump.

Hey, I'm perfectly fine if you don't have the enthusiasm that I do about this. But I do thank you for watching!  Feel free to comment below or on the Ravens forum at  GO RAVENS!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oh SNAP!! Asa Jackson's Legal Head Start

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In Sunday's win vs. San Diego, a crucial moment came just before the half when the Chargers scored and then had the extra point blocked by Asa Jackson.  Not only was there essentially minutes of comedy (to the Raven fan) in viewing the protests of the Charger sideline at seeing his head start, but in retrospect, there is amazement at how #27 got the jump he did with no penalty.  Hint: It was legal!  We'll break it down with this week's Frame-by-Frame after the jump.