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Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Everyone has written the Raven's receiving corps off because of the end of #89's season.  

Let's just pack it up, right?

TOO FAST MY FRIEND.  Pun intended.

I am actually excited about the receivers we have now.  We have some big-play type guys on the roster. All they need is a chance.  Chris Givens has been flashing his promise in the little chances that he has been given.  Kamar Aiken has a great amount of energy and motivation to be great, having been mentored by the great.  And now, the Ravens have signed Joe Morgan from the Saints.

Take a look at just one of the big plays this gamebreaker has made a career of.  Of course I've seen big plays before,  But the consistency of these guys, over the course of careers, along with their underdog status, bodes extremely well, in my opinion.

The video breakdown is after the jump.

Hey, I'm perfectly fine if you don't have the enthusiasm that I do about this. But I do thank you for watching!  Feel free to comment below or on the Ravens forum at  GO RAVENS!!