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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

FACT CHECK: Mike Preston's Column Faulting the Ravens' Season

It has been awhile, hasn't it?

A good friend of mine, fellow Raven, said to me a couple of weeks back: "Mike Preston is the most negative person in all of sports."


America needs to meet this man.  It is reminiscent of Howard Cosell, the vitriol people have towards him, and the anger he inspires with his devil-may-care opinions and call outs.

It is hard to deny that the Baltimore Sun columnist is oppositional in his demeanor.  He seems to revel in a season such as this, where there is a lot going wrong for the Ravens.  Then again, to his credit, I have observed that he has been consistent in giving kudos where due.  So, I have decided to Fact Check this latest article, "Ravens can't use injuries as excuse with far deeper problems leading to poor season," from the Sun on Thanksgiving Day of this year,  Is what Preston asserts true?  Or is this more of the Preston Negative Express flying down the decline?  Hit the jump to find out.